The Jockey Club of Canada’s Graded Stakes Committee held its annual review of the Graded and Listed Stakes in Canada and will have several upgrades for 2018.

The Graded Stakes Committee meeting was conducted by Committee Chair, Ross McKague and accompanied by all Committee Members as well as the attending race advisors, Jason Teague, Stuart Slagle, Steve Lym, Tim Lawson, Paul Ryneveld and Tom Cosgrove.

After reviewing the NARC figures for all Graded and Listed races in Canada, the Committee determined that the following races would be upgraded in 2018:


The Summer Stakes will be upgraded from a G2 to G1
The Highlander Stakes will be upgraded from G2 to G1
The Royal North Stakes will be upgraded from G3 to G2
The Trillium Stakes will move from Listed Status to G3


Along with the upgrades, the Speed to Spare Stakes did not receive sufficient RQS numbers in 2017 and therefore will lose its Black-Type status in 2018, disqualifying it from Listed Status.

The Jockey Club of Canada Graded Stakes Committee evaluates and reviews the Graded Stakes in Canada annually and determines whether races should be upgraded, downgraded or remain the same. The Committee bases their decisions on the cumulative NARC ratings for five consecutive years.

Graded Stakes for 2018 in Canada:

Name of Stakes RaceG/L/RDistTrackAge/Sex
Current G1s    
Canadian International (Pattison)G112TWO3up
Woodbine Mile (Ricoh)G18TWO3up
Northern Dancer TurfG112TWO3up
E.P. Taylor StakesG110TWO3up f/m
Natalma StakesG18TWO2yof
Summer StakesG18TWO2yo
Highlander StakesG16TWO3up
Current G2s
Sky Classic StakesG211TWO3up
Nijinsky StakesG210TWO3up
Play The King StakesG27TWO3up
King Edward StakesG28TWO3up
Autumn StakesG28.5WO3up
Kennedy Road StakesG26WO3up
Nearctic StakesG26TWO3up
Connaught Cup StakesG27TWO4up
Eclipse StakesG28.5WO4up
Nassau StakesG28TWO3up f/m
Dance Smartly StakesG210TWO3up f/m
Canadian StakesG29TWO3up f/m
Bessarabian StakesG27WO3up f/m
Royal North StakesG26TWO3up f/m
Current G3s
Grey StakesG38.5WO2yo
Mazarine StakesG38.5WO2yof
Marine StakeG38.5WO3yo
BC Premiers H.G311HST3up
Seagram Cup StakesG38.5WO3up
Dominion Day StakesG310WO3up
Singspiel StakesG312TWO3up
Durham Cup StakesG39WO3up
Valedictory StakesG314WO3up
Bold VentureG36.5WO3up
Vigil StakesG37WO4up
Ballerina StakesG39HST3up f/m
Ontario Fashion StakesG36WO3up f/m
Seaway StakesG37WO3up f/m
Maple Leaf StakesG310WO3up f/m
Ontario Matron StakesG38.5WO3up f/m
Whimsical StakesG36WO4up f/m
Hendrie StakesG36.5WO4up f/m
British Columbia DerbyG39HST3yo
Canadian DerbyG311NP3yo
Ontario DerbyG39WO3yo
Selene StakesG38.5WO3yof
Ontario Colleen StakesG38TWO3yof
Trillium StakesG38.5WO3up f/m

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The Jockey Club of Canada was founded in 1973 by E.P. Taylor to serve as the international representative of the Canadian Thoroughbred industry.  The mission of

The Jockey Club of Canada is to promote and maintain a high standard for Thoroughbred racing and breeding in Canada at a level which is recognized internationally for the benefit of all those interested in the sport including the general public by operations and services such as, but not limited to: evaluating all Graded, Listed and Black-type races in Canada annually; conducting the annual Sovereign Awards for outstanding achievement in Thoroughbred racing and breeding in Canada; maintaining a field office in Canada for the Jockey Club of the United States and the Jockey Club Registry Service; and by representing Canada as a Member of the IFHA.


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