2023 Canadian Stakes Races

Please see below for stakes races, purses ≥ $50,000, scheduled for Canada in 2023. The Jockey Club of Canada’s Graded Stakes Committee conducts an annual review of the Graded and Listed stakes races in Canada, including a review of the North American Race Committee (NARC) figures and the Race Quality Scores (RQS) for all Graded, Listed, and potentially Listed races.

The North American International Cataloguing Standards Committee produces a report regarding eligibility for non-Listed stakes to have Black Type status. Black type status for non-Listed stakes in 2023 can be found here: http://www.northamericanicsc.com/Default.asp?area=NLBT&sort=3&az=za


Legend for race status: G1 – Grade 1, G2 – Grade 2, G3 – Grade 3, L – listed, BT – black type eligible, NBT – not black type eligible


DateTrackRaceCategoryDistance, SurfacePurseFirstSecondThirdStatus
April 29WOStar Shoot Stakes3yof6f, Tapeta$125,000Jill JitterbugBlind SpotKavalaL
April 30WOWoodstock Stakes3yo6f, Tapeta$125,000New York ThunderNinetyfour ExposStayhonor GoodsideL
May 13WOWhimsical Stakes (Grade 3)F&M, 4yo+6f, Tapeta$150,000Our Flash DriveMiss SpeedyBaby No WorriesG3
May 14WOJacques Cartier Stakes (Grade 3)4yo+6f, Tapeta$150,000AnarchistIce Chocolat (BRZ)Old ChestnutG3
May 26 (rescheduled)CTMAlberta Sire Stakes Debutante3yof6.5f, Dirt$50,000Echo CreekBrynn’s DreamMonopolizeNBT
May 20WORuling Angel Stakes3yof7f, Tapeta$100,000Ryder Ryder RyderLast CallAttabeL
May 27 (rescheduled)CTMAlberta Sire Stakes Derby3yo6.5f, Dirt$50,000Big Bad IntaglioLil ZapperMudinatorNBT
May 21WOKing Corrie Stakes3yo7f, Tapeta$100,000Twin CityWico (IRE)Keen FlatterBT
June 2CTMRedTail Landing HandicapF&M, 3yo+6f, Dirt$50,000 FloralDance Shoes  MissczechBT
June 2CTMChariot Chaser Handicap3yof6f, Dirt$50,000Big Hug  CaroBootiful Rose BT
June 3WORoyal North Stakes (Grade 2)F&M, 4yo+6.5f, E. P. Taylor Turf$175,000Our Flash Drive Sweet Enough Millie Girl G2
June 3WOBelle Mahone Stakes (Grade 3)F&M, 4yo+8.5f, Tapeta$150,000Souper Hoty Toity Moira Purrfect G3
June 3HSTEmerald DownsF&M, 3yo+6.5f, Dirt$50,000We B Three  Rea MeaBayakoas Image NBT
June 3HSTGeorge Royal3yo+6.5f, Dirt$50,000Big Union Soaringforthesun Bakken Overdrive NBT
June 3CTMJournal Handicap3yo+6f, Dirt$50,000 AsyoubelieveStone Carver Quinto Sol BT
June 3CTMWestern Canada Handicap3yo6f, Dirt$50,000Cuban Cobra  American BlazeReadytotapnsing BT
June 4WOEclipse Stakes (Grade 2)4yo+8.5f, Tapeta$175,000Treason Carrothers Tyson G2
June 4WOPink Lloyd Stakes4yo+6f, Tapeta$100,000Rockcrest Candy Overload  Last American ExitBT
June 10HSTRiver Rock Stakes3yof6.5f, Dirt$50,000Air Force Above Average Key to Success NBT
June 10HSTRoss McLeod Stakes3yocg6.5f, Dirt$50,000Lucky Force  Legacy SquareRockcliffe NBT
June 10WOFury Stakes presented by Stella Artois3yof7f, Tapeta$125,000Ticker Tape Home Elysian Field Me and My Shadow BT
June 11WOQueenston Stakes3yo7f, Tapeta$125,000 KaukokaipuuParamount Prince Poulin in O T BT
June 20ASDChantilly3yof6f, Dirt$50,000Spitten Kitten Super Caro  Big HugNBT
June 23CTMShirley Vargo HandicapF&M, 3yo+7f, Dirt$50,000 Mine MePlum Blue Tone It Up BT
June 24CTMSpangled Jimmy Handicap3yo+7f, Dirt$50,000Greek Geek Maskwecis Drinking Again BT
June 24WOBallade StakesF&M, 4yo+6f, Tapeta$100,000Miss Speedy Gamble’s Silver  Talk to Ya LaterBT
June 25WOAlywow Stakes3yof6.5f, E. P. Taylor Turf$100,000 Mohawk TrailUp and Down  Last CallL
June 26ASDGolden Boy3yo6f, Dirt$50,000 Chicago’s GraySaxon Saga Cuban Cobra NBT
June 27ASDLa VerendryeF&M, 3yo+6f, Dirt$50,000Burrow Down Melisandre Damn the Torpedoes NBT
June 28ASDFree Press3yo+6f, Dirt$50,000Tiger Dad  Big NickMagic Tiger NBT
July 1HSTMonashee StakesF&M, 3yo+8.5f, Dirt$50,000We B Three Run Lola Run Solarity BT
July 1HSTLt. Governors’ Handicap3yo+8.5f, Dirt$50,000Soaringforthesun Big Union Arollercoasterride NBT
July 1WOHighlander Stakes (Grade 2)4yo+6f, E. P. Taylor Turf$200,000Lucky Score Oceanic One Timer G2
July 1WONassau Stakes (Grade 2)F&M, 4yo+8f, E. P. Taylor Turf$175,000Fev Rover (IRE) Moira  Millie GirlG2
July 1WODominion Day Stakes (Grade 3)4yo+9f, Tapeta$150,000Tyson  TreasonGaston G3
July 1WOMarine Stakes (Grade 3)3yo8.5f, Tapeta$150,000Turf King (IRE)  KaukokaipuuMidnight Rising G3
July 1WOSelene Stakes (Grade 3)3yof8.5f, Tapeta$150,000Solo Album Honor D Lady  Tito’s CallingG3
July 2HSTSupernaturel Handicap3yof8.5f, Dirt$50,000Air Force Key to Success  Force to Rekn WithBT
July 2HSTChris Loseth Handicap3yo8.5f, Dirt$50,000Legacy Square Accidental Hero  Lucky ForceBT
July 8WOGeorgian Bay Stakes3yof5f, Inner Turf$100,000Souper Sunday Flowers ‘n Berries Foolish Games BT
July 8WOLake Huron Stakes3yocg5f, Inner Turf$100,000Patches O’Houlihan Silent Reserve Poulin in O T NBT
July 10ASDJack Hardy Stakes3yof7.5f, Dirt$50,000 Spitten KittenSuper Caro Reasonably Lovely NBT
July 21CTMRK Red Smith HandicapF&M, 3yo+9f, Dirt$50,000FloralMine Me Tone It Up BT
July 15CTMCentury Mile Handicap3yo+8f, Dirt$100,000Smart as MeAt Attention Glava BT
July 15WOMy Dear Stakes2yof5.5f, Tapeta$125,000 Living MagicDancing Duchess Stormcast L
July 16WOVictoria Stakes2yo5.5f, Tapeta$125,000Pipit Mattingly Going Up L
July 17ASDDerby Trial3yo8f, Dirt$50,000Saxon Saga Green Amazon Rough Customer NBT
July 18ASDCanada DayF&M, 3yo+7.5f, Dirt$50,000Burrow Down Big Stretch Melisandre NBT
July 19ASDR. J. Speers Memorial S.3yo+7.5f, Dirt$50,000 Magic TigerTiger Dad Big Nick NBT
July 21CTMSonoma Handicap by Martin Deerline3yof8f, Dirt$50,000 Force to Rekn WithBig Hug  Rose Rose RoseNBT
July 22CTMCount Lathum Handicap3yo8.5f, Dirt$50,000American Blaze Kauai Dan Kystone NBT
July 22WOHendrie Stakes (Grade 3)F&M, 3yo+6.5f, Tapeta$150,000Loyalty Clitheroe (GB) Talk to Ya Later G3
July 22WOOntario Colleen Stakes (Grade 3)3yof8f, E. P. Taylor Turf$150,000Mohawk Trail  Queen Picasso (GB)Love to Shop G3
July 23WOConnaught Cup (Grade 2)3yo+7f, E. P. Taylor Turf$175,000Dream Shake War Bomber (IRE) Lucky Score G2
July 23WOTrillium Stakes (Grade 3) presented by Stella ArtoisF&M, 3yo+8.5f, Tapeta$150,000 Il MalocchioSouper Hoity Toity Angelou G3
July 23WOPlate Trial Stakes3yo9f, Tapeta$150,000Paramount Prince Cool Kiss Twin City BT
July 23WOWoodbine Oaks presented by Budweiser3yof9f, Tapeta$500,000 Elysian FieldWickenheiser Fortyfiveseventy BT
July 25ASDDebutante2yof5f, Dirt$50,000Commandoslastdance Kontie Yellow Birdie NBT
July 29WOSeagram Cup (Grade 2)3yo+8.5f, Tapeta$175,000Tyson Carrothers  Artie’s StormG2
July 30WOLake Superior Stakes3yocg6f, E. P. Taylor Turf$100,000Patches O’Houlihan One Bay Hemoingway Sooner Lunar BT
July 30WOThunder Bay Stakes3yof6f, E. P. Taylor Turf$100,000Foolish Games Hot Cargo Anam Cara BT
August 2ASDManitoba Oaks3yof8f, Dirt$50,000Reasonably Lovely Olive’s Candy Diamond Grand NBT
August 5CTMCTHS Sales Stake3&4yof7f, Dirt$50,000Big Hug  JelliSkip’s Rock NBT
August 5CTMCTHS Sales Stake3&4yocg7f, Dirt$50,000Asyoubelieve Itsmyday Paddys Rocket NBT
August 5CTMMartin Deerline Juvenile2yo5.5f, Dirt$50,000Thunder Roars Tipsy Tales Itsallgoodman NBT
August 5WOVice Regent Stakes3yo+5f, Inner Turf$150,000Outlaw Kid  Silent Reserve Mason’s GambleBT
August 6WOHamilton Stakes3yo7.5f, Inner Turf$100,000 ConmanLifetime of Chance  Eyes on the KingBT
August 7HSTBC Cup Classic3yo+8.5f, Dirt$50,000At Attention Soaringforthesun Arollercoasterride NBT
August 7HSTBC Cup Debutante2yof6.5f, Dirt$50,000Lizzie’s Rayne Weekendindelmar  Donna WynNBT
August 7HSTBC Cup DistaffF&M, 3yo+8.5f, Dirt$50,000Infinite Patience We B Three Bayakoa’s Image NBT
August 7HSTBC Cup Nursery2yo6.5f, Dirt$50,000August Rain Diocles  HoratioNBT
August 7HSTHong Kong Jockey Club3yof8.5f, Dirt$50,000Air Force Matsqui  Key to SuccessBT
August 7HSTSir Winston Churchill3yo8.5f, Dirt$50,000Sunbird  Legacy SquareAccidental Hero BT
August 7ASDEscape ClauseF&M, 3yo+8f, Dirt$50,000Big Stretch  Miss ZBurrow Down NBT
August 7ASDHarvey Warner Manitoba Mile3yo+8f, Dirt$50,000Big Nick Convention Great Escape NBT
August 7ASDManitoba Derby3yo9f, Dirt$125,000Mano Dura Heroic Move  TshiebweL
August 9ASDGraduation2yo5f, Dirt$50,000 Canyouhearmerunnin KontieDancinginthecreek NBT
August 13WOBison City Stakes3yof8.5f, Tapeta$250,000Me and My Shadow  Tito’s CallingFashionably Fab BT
August 19WOKing Edward Stakes (Grade 2)3yo+8f, E. P. Taylor Turf$200,000War Bomber (IRE)  TreasonLucky Score G2
August 20WOBold Venture Stakes (Grade 3)3yo+6.5f, Tapeta$150,000Patches O’Houlihan Last American Exit Old Chestnut G3
August 19WOSweet Briar Too StakesF&M, 3yo+6f, E. P. Taylor Turf$125,000Canadiansweetheart Talk to Ya LaterClitheroe (GB) L
August 20WODance Smartly Stakes (Grade 2)F&M, 3yo+8.5f, E. P. Taylor Turf$200,000Miss Dracarys Moira Ready Lady G2
August 20WOCatch a Glimpse Stakes2yof6.5f, E. P. Taylor Turf$125,000Airosa Ready to Jam Never Silent L
August 20WOThe King’s Plate3yo10f, Tapeta$1,000,000Paramount Prince  Elysian Field Stanley HouseBT
August 20WOSoaring Free Stakes2yo6.5f, E. P. Taylor Turf$125,000Golden Canary  Dancing DuchessRhapsody L
August 28
HSTCTHS 2yr Old C & G Stake2yocg6.5f, Dirt$50,000August Rain Diocles Pisco BT
August 28 (rescheduled)HSTCTHS 2yr Old Fillies Stake2yof6.5f, Dirt$50,000Lizzie’s Rayne  FebruaryDonna Wyn BT
August 28 (rescheduled)HSTCTHS 3 & 4yr Old C & G Stake3&4yocg8.5f, Dirt$50,000Just Jimmy Wisely Played Rockcliffe NBT
August 28 (rescheduled)HSTCTHS 3 & 4yr Old Fillies Stake3&4yof8.5f, Dirt$50,000Arundel Castle Matsqui Licorice NBT
August 25CTMCanadian Juvenile Stakes2yo6f, Dirt$50,000Tipsy Tales Itsallgoodman Thunder Roars BT
August 25CTMPrincess Margaret Stakes2yof6f, Dirt$50,000Miss Miezie Silkstone Birdy’s On Fire NBT
August 26CTMCanadian Derby (Grade 3)3yo10f, Dirt$200,000Abeliefinthislivin American Blaze Accidental Hero G3
August 26CTMCentury Casino Oaks3yof9f, Dirt$100,000Jamies Inheritance  Air ForceSuper Caro BT
August 26CTMNorthlands Park DistaffF&M, 3yo+8f, Dirt$100,000 Infinite Patience Orange TheoryBlazingbellablu L
August 26CTMSpeed to Spare Championship3yo+10f, Dirt$100,000 Great EscapeItsmyday Glava BT
August 27WOAlgoma Stakes3yof7f, Tapeta$100,000 Souper SinclairZana  Great KateBT
August 27WOElgin Stakes3yocg7f, Tapeta$100,000Rapid Test Legal Catch  Forest BuzzBT
August 27WOMuskoka Stakes2yof6.5f, Tapeta$200,000Hurrican Clair Saucy Name Vandoo BT
August 27WOSimcoe Stakes2yocg6.5f, Tapeta$200,000My Boy Prince Yacht Boy Summer Commander BT
August 30ASDOsiris2yo5.5f, Dirt$50,000Canyouhearmerunnin Justlemmeatem Commandoslastdance NBT
September 3WOToronto Cup3yo8f, E. P. Taylor Turf$125,000Love to Shop Conman Souper Blessing L
September 9HSTDelta ColleenF&M, 3yo+8.5f, Dirt$50,000Infinite Patience We B Three Wandalita BT
September 9HSTS W Randall Plate3yo+9f, Dirt$50,000Big Union At Attention Pay My Way BT
September 9WOCanadian Stakes (Grade 2)F&M, 3yo+9f, E. P. Taylor Turf$200,000Moira Skims (GB) Atomic Blonde (GER) G2
September 9WOPattison Singspiel Stakes (Grade 3)3yo+10f, E. P. Taylor Turf$150,000 Palazzi Rockemperor (IRE) Malibu MamboG3
September 10WOWonder Where Stakes3yof10f, E. P. Taylor Turf$250,000Tito’s Calling Wickenheiser  FlysofreeashleebBT
September 10WOZadracarta StakesF&M, 3yo+5f, Inner Turf$100,000Sacred Dancer Hard Edge Breathing Fire BT
September 12FEThe Lake Erie Stakes3yocg6.5f, Dirt$100,000One Bay Hemingway One More Brew Poulin in O T BT
September 12FEPrince of Wales Stakes3yo9.5f, Dirt$400,000Velocitor Kaukokaipuu Paramount Prince BT
September 12FEThe Rondeau Bay Stakes3yof6.5f, Dirt$100,000Fashionably Fab Foolish Games Souper Sinclair NBT
September 16HSTBC Derby (Grade 3)3yo9f, Dirt$125,000Accidental Hero Sunbird Space G3
September 16HSTBC Oaks3yof9f, Dirt$75,000Above Average Air Force Matsqui L
September 16HSTJack Diamond Futurity2yocg6.5f, Dirt$100,000Wealthy Texan  Vector  Northern Force  BT
September 16HSTSadie Diamond Futurity2yof6.5f, Dirt$100,000 Lizzie’s RayneEddie’s Girl Viva La Diva BT
September 16CTDAlberta Breeders’ Handicap3yo+8.5f, Dirt$50,000Smart Play Flashfordani Zicatela NBT
September 16CTDAlberta Fall Classic Distaff HandicapF&M, 3yo+8.5f, Dirt$50,000Dance Shoes Plum Blue Jelli NBT
September 16CTDAlberta Oaks3yof8.5f, Dirt$50,000Big Hug Brynn’s Dream Echo Creek NBT
September 16CTDAlberta Premier’s Futurity2yo6f, Dirt$50,000Itsallgoodman J J’s Caper Sawchuk NBT
September 16CTDBeaufort Stakes3yo8.5f, Dirt$50,000 H K RapperRough Customer Our Sunshine NBT
September 16CTDRed Diamond Express Handicap3yo+6f, Dirt$50,000Jeff Fa Fa Rumohr Reigns  Bare Back JackNBT
September 16CTDSturgeon River Stakes2yof6f, Dirt$50,000Miss Miezie Jodeys Lil Pain  Morning RainNBT
September 16WOJohnnie Walker Natalma Stakes (Grade 1)2yof8f, E. P. Taylor Turf$500,000She Feels Pretty Simply in Front Dazzling Star (IRE) G1
September 16WORicoh Woodbine Mile (Grade 1)3yo+8f, E. P. Taylor Turf$1,000,000Master of the Seas (IRE)  Shirl’s SpeightLucky Score G1
September 16WOSummer Stakes (Grade 1)2yo8f, E. P. Taylor Turf$500,000Carson’s Run My Boy Prince Go With Gusto G1
September 16WOVigil Stakes (Grade 3)3yo+6f, Tapeta$150,000Patches O’Houlihan Last American Exit Secret Reserve G3
September 17WOSeaway Stakes (Grade 3)F&M, 3yo+7f, Tapeta$150,000Ready to Venture (GB) Millie Girl Il Malocchio G3
September 18ASDManitoba MatronF&M, 3yo+9f, Dirt$50,000Burrow Down Reasonably Lovely Big Stretch NBT
September 19ASDGold Cup3yo+9f, DIrt$50,000Magic Tiger Convention Race Home NBT
September 19ASDWinnipeg Futurity2yo6f, Dirt$50,000Canyouhearmerunnin  Happy HourJustlemmeatem NBT
September 24WOBull Page Stakes2yocg7f, E. P. Taylor Turf$100,000   BT
September 24WOVictorian Queen Stakes2yof7f, E. P. Taylor Turf$100,000   BT
October 1WOBreeders’ Stakes3yo12f, E. P. Taylor Turf$400,000   BT
October 1WOOntario Damsel Stakes3yof8.5f, Tapeta$125,000   L
October 7HSTPremiers (Grade 3)3yo+11f, Dirt$100,000   G3
October 7HSTBallerinaF&M, 3yo+9f, Dirt$100,000   L
October 7CTDCTHS Sales Stakes2yo7f, Dirt$100,000   BT
October 7WODurham Cup (Grade 3)3yo+8.5f, Tapeta$150,000   G3
October 8WOCanadian International (Grade 1)3yo+10f, E. P. Taylor Turf$750,000   G1
October 8WOE. P. Taylor Stakes (Grade 1)F&M, 3yo+10f, E. P. Taylor Turf$750,000   G1
October 8WONearctic Stakes (Grade 2)3yo+6f, E. P. Taylor Turf$250,000   G2
October 8WOAlgonquin Stakes2yo5f, Inner Turf$200,000   L
October 14HSTThe Glen Todd Ascot2yocg8.5f, Dirt$75,000   BT
October 14HSTThe Glen Todd Fantasy2yof8.5f, Dirt$75,000   BT
October 14WOOntario Fashion Stakes (Grade 3)F&M, 3yo+6f, Tapeta$150,000   G3
October 14WOOntario Matron Stakes (Grade 3)F&M, 3yo+8.5f, Tapeta$150,000   G3
October 14WOCup & Saucer Stakes2yo8.5f, E. P. Taylor Turf$250,000   BT
October 15WODisplay Stakes2yo7f, Tapeta$125,000   L
October 15WOGlorious Song Stakes2yof7f, Tapeta$125,000   L
October 21CTDDon Getty Handicap3yo+9f, Dirt$50,000   NBT
October 21CTDLynn Chouinard Founder’s DistaffF&M, 3yo+9f, Dirt$50,000   NBT
October 21WOOntario Derby (Grade 3)3yo9f, Tapeta$150,000   G3
October 22CTDBirdcatcher Stakes2yo8.5f, Dirt$50,000   BT
October 22CTDFreedom of the City Stakes2yof7.5f, Dirt$50,000   NBT
October 22WOEternal Search StakesF&M, 3yo+7.5f, Inner Turf$100,000   BT
October 22WOOverskate Stakes3yo+7.5f, Inner Turf$100,000   BT
October 28WOFrost King Stakes2yo6.5f, Tapeta$100,000   BT
October 28WOSouth Ocean Stakes2yof6.5f, Tapeta$100,000   BT
November 4WOGrey Stakes (Grade 3)2yo8.5f, Tapeta$150,000   G3
November 4WOMazarine Stakes (Grade 3)2yof8.5f, Tapeta$150,000   G3
November 5WOAutumn Stakes (Grade 2)3yo+8.5f, Tapeta$175,000   G2
November 10WOAshbridges Bay Stakes3yof8.5f, Tapeta$100,000   BT
November 10WOLake Ontario Stakes3yocg8.5f, Tapeta$100,000   BT
November 11WOBessarabian Stakes (Grade 2)F&M, 3yo+7f, Tapeta$175,000   G2
November 11WOMaple Leaf Stakes (Grade 3)F&M, 3yo+10f, Tapeta$150,000   G3
November 18WOKennedy Road Stakes (Grade 2)3yo+6f, Tapeta$175,000   G2
November 25WOCoronation Futurity2yo9f, Tapeta$250,000   BT
November 25WOPrincess Elizabeth Stakes2yof8.5f, Tapeta$250,000   BT
December 2WOClarendon Stakes2yo6f, Tapeta$150,000   BT
December 2WOShady Well Stakes2yof6f, Tapeta$150,000   BT
December 3WOValedictory Stakes (Grade 3)3yo+12f, Tapeta$150,000   G3
December 9WOLa Prevoyante StakesF&M, 3yo+8.5f, Tapeta$100,000   BT
December 10WOSteady Growth Stakes3yo+8.5f, Tapeta$100,000   BT