Outstanding Groom Award

Each fall, The Jockey Club of Canada accepts nominations for the Outstanding Groom award. This award is presented at the annual Sovereign Awards ceremony. The nomination period for the 2022 Outstanding Groom Award has now closed.

Eligibility requirements:

  • each nominator must hold a valid Thoroughbred license in the province of Ontario,
  • each nominator may only choose one nominee per year,
  • the nominee must hold a valid groom license and be in good standings within the jurisdiction, and
  • a short resume must accompany the nomination, stating why the individual deserves to be considered for the award.

The Jockey Club of Canada is no longer accepting nominations for the 2022 Outstanding Groom award. To request a nomination form, please contact The Jockey Club of Canada by phone at (416) 675-7756 or via email at jockeyclubcanada@gmail.com.

Completed nomination forms can be submitted via:

  • email to jockeyclubcanada@gmail.com,
  • the Woodbine Race Office during regular operating hours, or
  • mail to The Jockey Club of Canada, P. O. Box 66, Station B, Toronto, ON  M9W 5K9